सोमवार, 25 मई 2009

Start slow and finish fast;

The law of accumulation says “by the yard its hard, by inch by inch, anything’s a cinch.” 

When you begin thinking about saving 10 or 20 percent of your earnings, you will immediately think of all kind of reasons that it is not possible. You might be up to your neck in debt. You might be spending every single penny that you earn today just to keep afloat.

If you do find in this situation, instead of saving 10 percent, begin saving just one percent of earnings in a special account, which you refuse to touch.     

Develop discipline;

The achievement of financial achievement will require a tremendous number of small efforts on your part. To begin the process of accumulation, you must be disciplined and persistent you must keep at it for long, long time. Initially, you will see very little change, change or difference but gradually, your effort will begin to bear fruit. You will begin to pull ahead of your peers. Your finances will improve and your debt will disappear. 

Taken it from chhoti chhoti batein 

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