सोमवार, 24 अगस्त 2009

मन पर लगाम

समस्त कर्म मनोमय है, मन ही इन इन्द्रियों का पिता है। इसके शुद्ध होने से समस्त इन्द्रियां शुद्ध होतीं हैं। और इसके अशुद्ध होने समस्त इन्द्रियां अशुद्ध होती हैं। आध्यात्म में इसके शुद्धिकरण की ही क्रिया की जाती है। सात अंगों को माध्यम से जिसमे यम्, नियम, आसन, प्राणायाम , धरना, ध्यान तथा समाधी, मन पर लगाम लगे जाती है।

गुरुवार, 13 अगस्त 2009


Do not squeeze you stomach muscles too much. In this picture let see the muscles is to be squeezed. It may become harmful for mental problem, like high blood pressure headache and lot of brain related problems. Mostly this type of person is more aware of their physique.
I have examined on those people who squeezes stomach all the time. Even they do it unconsciously. See the squeezed stomach muscles of one of the most famous actress anjilna jolly.
Nerves of the brain should not be relaxed; during this long time squeezing stomach muscles may harm nerves of the brain.
•Intestine may get also bad affect from this.
•High blood pressure is to be sure in this situation.
•Lower back also get affected.
•Urinal problem may rise in this situation.
During long time squeezed stomach muscles, brain get tired very soon. Because brain works unnecessary and mind become dull. In my case study, seen so many cases in young girls, they are more over-conscious about their physique. That’s why they squeeze their stomach muscles all the time. But side effect of this is very negative like depression, anxiety, fearness etc.
•Relax your stomach.
•Squeeze stomach muscles during exercise only, not all the
•Do not make it habitual.

रविवार, 9 अगस्त 2009

जो तू चाहे मूझको....

जो तू चाहे मुझको छांड सकल की आस।
मुझ ही ऐसा होय रहो सब सुख तेरे पास।।

जेहि मरने से जग डरे , मेरे मन आनंद ।
कब मरिहों कब पहियों , पूरण परमानंद।