शुक्रवार, 23 नवंबर 2012

Cure of Navel Displacement

Dear sir
Some two years back I got stomach problems like hyperacidity, loose motoions & constipation which ultimately leads to loss of appetite, loss in weight, anxiety, frustration.
Doctor adviced me to go through endoscopy & the reports said "Hiatus Hernia" which means stomach displaced up. I took medicine but all in vain. Then one another doctor suggessted me to go for laproscopic surgery. Doctors tried to repair hiatus hernia but again in vain.
After that I came to know that its a problem of "Navel displacement". I tried to repair it from old expert peoples but no effect. I lost all my hopes.
I searced a lot in web about navel displacement & lastly I learned that this problem has only solution & that is "yoga". As this a Mechanical problem this can be cured only with exercise. I got the contact no. Of chaitanya foundation & get contacted with Acharya Anoop & he heard my problem & checked. My navel was towards upper left side.
Acharya ji just gave me just 10 simple yogic asnas & believe me from the very first day I start getting the results & only after one month navel comes bck to its position.
For navel displacement I think there's no other way to get is corrected except yoga.  I tried everything but problem never ends. But the only thing is that just have patience & believe in your yog guru.
Amit Tandon

मंगलवार, 14 अगस्त 2012

Stomach Disorder

Respected Guruji, (Yogi Anoop)

I am happy to know the activities of Chaitanya foundation thru website.
My besy wishes for the success of foundation.

I feel like writing to you regarding my problem. I feel God has inspired me to see your website and write to you for the solution.

I am Male, 48, engineer. Since 6 months, I am feeling imbalance. I feel that I will fall. It started with that I am walking on bed/air. During sleep is also feel unsteady. No vomitting. My B12 was 118 and I have taken 22 Methycobalamine injections.
Still, I am not normal. Occassionally, I feel that something is rotating in my head. I have taken Vertin, Stugereon. I tried other medicines for a couple of days, but feels very dull and differently then finally stopped.

I donot have BP, Cholostrol, Diabetes and everything else is normal. Currently, I am on homeopathy.

I shall be grateful to you for your kind guidance. Which meditation/yoga/pranayam will be effective.

Eagerly, waiting for kind reply,




Thank you very much rajesh ji for these compliments. I suggest you that you have to come first, thereafter I can diagnose you perfectly. after that I recommend you some asana, pranayam, and meditation.
yogi anoop
Yogi Anoop
Chaitanya foundation

शुक्रवार, 3 अगस्त 2012


dear yogi ji,

namaste! my name is sandeep sangwan from haryana, age 28 yrs. i am working in navy in goa. my daily routine is very busy. i am suffering from nabhi displacement (also called dharan or petuji or amebiosis) for last 03 years. first time, in 2007-08, i suffered from mild pain in my nabhi area and continous loose motion. that time i got treated through my village nabhi experts. from then onwards, whenever, i lift some heavy weight on my hands, same time i started with pain in my nabhi area and loose motion. it means i am able to get my nabhi in centre, but it is not stable there. it always shifts towards upper side. on the upper side about 01 cm above from center, it has made a permanent place. as i am facing this problem since long period, i tried the asans (utthanpadasan, naukasan etc.) and some desi treatments.

as i come to know that you have a sound knowledge and good experience about nabhi. sir, please help me in two ways by sending a return e-mail at the earliest.

first, tell me the best treatments to get my nabhi in centre.

second, it should not go upward when i am lifting any heavy weight again.

sir, i will be very thankful for this kind of help.

thanks and regards.

sandeep sangwan

गुरुवार, 2 अगस्त 2012

Nabhi Displacement (shifted)

Dear,Yogi anoop ji

I am from bareilly U.P.am 19 yrs old .my navel is displace from childhood.my stomach is very hurt and swelled.navel also displaced in left side.sometime loos motion too.i read about yoga asana on the net and if am tried to do asana like CHAKRASANA,BHUJANGASANA but my stomach is more hurt.navel condion is very low its fall again and again .5 years ago a man rubbed my stomach after that my problem has increased.if i need to come to your vasantvihar place i want to know any kind of manage to stay there?PLZ HELP...

You don't need to practice Chakrasana or wheel pose, do only some sukshma or micro exercises.

Dear Yogi Anoop ji,

I live in delhi (west delhi), i would like to meet you regarding naval dislocation problem. Kindly let me the know the time and venue, as per your convenience, where I can come to meet u.


Dear Mr. Anup,

I am suffering from naval displacement for the last 3 years..
Can you suggest any treatment or yoga?

I want to completely fit from this disease..

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शनिवार, 2 जून 2012

Loss of Appetite

Esteem Swami Ji
My name is Anil . I am 29 yrs old unmarried man and I live in Gurgaon. I have a problem of lost
of appetite for 7-8 years. to cure this problem I have consulted to many allopathi & ayurvedic
doctors. they advised me to do some medical tests. I have performed many test like whole abdoman
ultrasound, liver function test. but all tests report is ok.No any desease is found they gave me
many type medicines. but no relief to me. my height is 5'6" and my weight is 47 kg. some old
people told me that my navel is disturbed. but i do not feel any pain & loose motion in my body.
the problem is only lost of appetite. unhealthy & weak body ( low weight) i do not know what
hapened to me please help me and also told your center near Gurgaon. Iam an accountant by
profession Waiting for reply

Thanks & Regards



Anil ji,
without yogic diagnosis I cannot make you sure that what the exact problem is....if possible please visit at my place then we can decide properly....as I think at this time,  you are Kapha dominated person one who has anxious nature .....weakness of nervous system....
Yogi Anoop

शुक्रवार, 1 जून 2012

Problem & Solution of Navel Displacement

dear yogi anoop ji,

I  am junaid from yamunanagar(haryana).i have been suffring nabhi
displament for 3 yrs.A few days ago due to
heavy weight lifting reset
my lower abdomen has
been swollen and I still
feel mild fever.I go 3-4 times a day for
stool pass and i feel lot of weakness.
my nature-
i am 18 yrs and my weight only 51 kg i am not an angery man but after
this problem i get nervous too quickly and now my memory is also very
I hope you will help me.THANK YOU
best regards
junaid hasan

Dear Yogi ji,

I have a problem that does not seem to be getting right. Call it irony, but it was actually a doctor, who first detected that my Navel had displaced.

When I cam to know of it, I contacted numerous practitioners, who could cure this problem. Finally, I managed to find a lady, who managed to bring the navel back in it's place.

The navel is back, but the pain remains. It's in and around the navel and there some sort of pull as well and my stomach is always full. As far as gastric related problems is concerned I have been taken medicines for that. But still the problem is persisting.

Some practitioners even say that "mere null bhare hue hain". I guess it maybe right, but if that is the case. What is the remedy?

Thank you

Kind regards
Anam Arsalanhai