मंगलवार, 29 जनवरी 2013

Pranayama and dislocated navel (upward) (nabhi Ka hat jana)

A lot of patients come to me with dislocated navel which is sifted upward. In this type of problem, I have observed, UDAN Vayu has a major role for mental and emotional fluctuation. UDAN Vayu literally means in hindi, upward wind which produces in stomach only, not in intestines. It increases also our hypertension, anxiety, headache.
In Ayurveda some herb prescribes for reducing our upward wind but in pranayama and meditation , we suggest some pranayama and meditation for strengthening our emotional and logical part of brain. So it is completely individual and before doing these activity you need check your whole physical mental and spiritual constitution.
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Yogi anoop