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Yoga query

Dear Reader,
If you have any query related with physical, mental and spiritual fitness, especially on navel displacement issue, you can e-mail us on info@chaitanyafoundation.org. I would be grateful to reply you as soon as possible.
Yogi anoop

Navel Displacement query

Pranaam Guruji

I started taking yogurt not chhachh for 5-6 days in the lunch. I jog for around 15 min in morning after that do little stretching and then excercises told by you for half an hour.


From: Yogianoop
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Sent: Thursday, 11 April 2013 10:37 AM
Subject: Re: Navel Displacement

Dear Roma
How many times you practice yoga ....and taking chhachh ...please tell.
One more thing is important, how much time you spent in yoga.

On 11-Apr-2013, at 22:55, ROMA (name changed)

Pranaam Guruji

I'm doing all excercises but still have no concrete relief. I still sometime feel something struct in right side of stomach, same headache, poor memory. Little relief in nose. How many days I have to do excercises to get a sight of concrete relief? Could it be the weight I have to carry to and from office around 4-5 Kg that might not be letting stomach problems fixed. I live at 2nd floor and office is too at 2nd floor. I walk briskly and that about more than half a Km with the weight, but on stairs I do not pace.

Please also tell me if breating excercises provide same benefits if done before or after physical excercises.


From: Chaitanya Foundation
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Sent: Saturday, 6 April 2013 10:49 PM
Subject: Re: Navel Displacement

Dear Roma,
You can take yogurt in the noon but not in the evening or night, you can even take chhachh in the day time.
backward bending is not allowed but forward and side bending is allowed , you can do this. Do some breathing before sleep please.
Yogi Anoop
Chaitanya foundation
New Delhi-64

From:ROMA (name changed)
To: "yogianoop@chaitanyafoundation.org"
Sent: Saturday, April 6, 2013 7:55 PM
Subject: Fw: Navel Displacement

Pranaam Guruji,

I'm waiting for your reply on my earlier mail. current health status is also same as earlier except some more improvements in left nose.

Please also tell few more things
Can I eat yogurt as this is also sour nature. Can I also practice some stretch exercise like forward, backward/side bending etc.

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Sent: Wednesday, 3 April 2013 8:31 PM
Subject: Re: Navel Displacement

Pranaam Guruji,

Sorry for late reply, actually went to home.

Health status:
I'm doing all excercises, there is quite relief in my left nose, however both nose are not still fully open.
Very little relief in headache, still aches much when try to think something.
very little relief in stomach problem.

1. It will be quite easy for me if I do breathing excercises just after jogging and then later do assans like shalabassna etc. Should we do breathing excercises in the end only or can do in between excercises?

Thank you

From: Yogianoop
To:ROMA (name changed)
Sent: Friday, 29 March 2013 5:04 PM
Subject: Re: Navel Displacement

Dear Roma
Please don't worry about the massage. Please continue you all breathing exercises regularly. You can take any antacid in the morning before breakfast if required.
Give feedback after 2,3 days.
Yogi anoop

On 28-Mar-2013, at 22:27, ROMA (name changed)

Pranaam Guruji,

Hope you enjoyed festival of colors Holi !

I'm doing all yoga practice suggested by you in the morning(there was single day gap). However time duration is around 3 min for each activity.

Health's status:
I'm still having headache and stomach problems. However stomach problem is little less then what it earlier used to. On saturday the day I visited you my headache was quite low, but from last 2-3 days its been much. Also I feel severe headache when I try to meditate or think something like remembering or solving puzzle. My left nose is not fairly open too.

I was having quite relief if not much on the day I visited you, I dont know why problems rose again. |I'm not running or lifting heavy weight.

One more thing I want ask you is some 6 months ago a lady massaged my stomach for checking navel dislocation. Pain in my right side stomach started only after this incident. But she says she use to practice massage on other people for navel problem and nobody complained of any thing. Guruji could it be that some injury occurred inside stomach due to that massage. My stomach's ultrasound has been also done, and that came positive.

Please guruji suggest me to come out of these problems

Thanks and regards,