सोमवार, 25 मई 2009


The first important thing, in the life of human is healthy interaction. Through this, the personality can be changed. It is one of the best techniques which I found in self experiments. Generally people do not have healthy conversations, they talk useless things. That's why their internal and external progress is not good. healthy interaction means meaningful talk, which is closely related to your whole personality. It should be subjective not objective. Great people talk of ideas, lesser people discuss events, and even lesser people criticise other people.
"spine & mind management" author yogi anoop

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  1. yes i agree with you upto a large extent but at the same time i would like to disagree. will not always talking healthy make life so monotonous. sometimes in between talking some useless stuffs too relaxes the mind and change the monotony of life. In my view the most important thing is the ability to figure out and pick up the positives. If that is there one can take something positive even from useless things. so useless thing is not always useless. But ya, healthy conversation is always good.

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