गुरुवार, 7 मई 2009

IRREPARABLE MIND; irreparable software virus

In Indian philosophy these five viruses’- kam (lust or desire) krodh (anger), mad (arrogance) moh (attachment) lobh (greed) are most strong and damaging sanskara. If anybody doesn’t know about these negative things, about living inside, at this stage I say him as an animal or mad. But if anybody knows about this negativity and tries to enjoying with it, then it becomes irreparable.
Here I have given some points
· Over desirous mind
· Excessive and negative competitiveness
· Over Attachment to material things and negative emotions
· Over Consciousness about illness (hypochondraism)
· Lust and Greediness
· Anger and hostility
· Loneliness
You have two options; you have a choice, either positive or negative sanskaras. It depends upon you (soul) if having positive aspect then it is repairable and the whole personality will be in the right constructive direction otherwise it will be in irreparable and the destructive direction.

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