सोमवार, 12 दिसंबर 2011

Permanent Solution For Navel Displacement

Q-Is there any permanent solution for Dislocated Navel?
A-Yes, Yoga gives you a permanent cure of this acute problem. Except yoga there is no any other method of exercise which can solve this type of problem.
Q-What is exact cause of this navel displacement?
A- There are lot of reason like a excess weight lifting, weakness of nervous system, high stress,depression, hyper acidity, lower back pain, weakness of calf muscles, hyper or hypo nature, excess gastric, vata domination, intestinal wind, stomach wind etc.
Q-Is there any specific yogic exercise for navel displacement?
A-There are lot of exercise but without knowing exact cause of navel dislocation, we can not recommend any type of asana or pranayam. My method is .... first I have know patient's physical and mental constitution and then any exercises should be recommended.
Q-Medical science doesn't believe on this.
A-Yes they don't believe. they have their own method, I am not authorized to comment on them at this issue.
A-Every science has its own limitations, we should not try to cross their limit.
Q-They say that its a not a navel displacement problem, it is a mental problem, and some time they say it is a disease of Irritable bowel syndrome....is it right sir?
A- Most of the time they say these things. but after the treatment of the dislocated navel, how can finish this IBS.
Q- Can I place this dislocated navel at its own place, without any guidance of anyone?
A- In the beginning you will have to take support but after that there is no any need for outer support.