मंगलवार, 14 अगस्त 2012

Stomach Disorder

Respected Guruji, (Yogi Anoop)

I am happy to know the activities of Chaitanya foundation thru website.
My besy wishes for the success of foundation.

I feel like writing to you regarding my problem. I feel God has inspired me to see your website and write to you for the solution.

I am Male, 48, engineer. Since 6 months, I am feeling imbalance. I feel that I will fall. It started with that I am walking on bed/air. During sleep is also feel unsteady. No vomitting. My B12 was 118 and I have taken 22 Methycobalamine injections.
Still, I am not normal. Occassionally, I feel that something is rotating in my head. I have taken Vertin, Stugereon. I tried other medicines for a couple of days, but feels very dull and differently then finally stopped.

I donot have BP, Cholostrol, Diabetes and everything else is normal. Currently, I am on homeopathy.

I shall be grateful to you for your kind guidance. Which meditation/yoga/pranayam will be effective.

Eagerly, waiting for kind reply,




Thank you very much rajesh ji for these compliments. I suggest you that you have to come first, thereafter I can diagnose you perfectly. after that I recommend you some asana, pranayam, and meditation.
yogi anoop
Yogi Anoop
Chaitanya foundation