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Yoga For Navel alignment: (Nabhi or solar plexus) channelizing energy.

Displacement and it’s adjustment of nabhi through asana and meditation. It is believed that mostly physical diseases come through navel disorder. In my case study, ms neetu came to me with a lot of problems; like continuous pain around navel, 5 to 6 times go to stool pass per day, frequent urination, feels weakness immediate after passing stool etc. Allopathic therapy has completed all courses but not found any disease. I found that her navel is disturbed since last ten year. During diagnosis the whole problem was in disturbed navel. I started to align this (navel) through few asanas like shalabh, purna shalabh, bhujang and pawanmukt asana with repetition, and within few hours she started feeling better. After a weak her intestinal movement become strengthened. The continuity of pain around abdomen became less. And after a month I started to cure her mental anxiety because it also react navel. Increases concentration level and finally after six month practice of asanas and meditation she got fitness.
By yogi anoop

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  1. pl suggest how to avoid disturb solar plexus (it very oftenly shifts upwards)on e mail id ae220rawat@gmail.com

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  2. thank you very much for your comment.....
    you may visit my website www.mediyoga.in for more information please. for navel alignment you should take care your diet, possitive thinking, asana and pranayam.

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  3. I am sufering from navel dislocation from 4 years please let me know what r the asans to correct navel n how anxiety n concentration r related to navel. Is navel dislocation n intestinal twist one n the same.

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    1. you may use accupressure technique of Jagmohan sachdeva. it works. i have experienced d same as my navel was shifted for the last 5 years

    2. I experience very frequent navel displacement...does his accupressure technique cures it permanently...does it have any side effect..?

  4. इस टिप्पणी को एक ब्लॉग व्यवस्थापक द्वारा हटा दिया गया है.

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  5. thanks for your coment......
    if you have some problem about navel related...then pls visit my website;www.mediyoga.in and mail me E-mail; info@mediyoga.in
    your mental and physical nature

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  6. hi i have been suffering from navel alignment for about 2 years,my physical nature is vatt,hopefully you will help me.i want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. i am a college student and at times feel bad due to my physical weakness. i want to regain my health as soon as possible. my email-rubalsinghal@ymail.com

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  7. HI SIR I have been suffering from navel alignment for about 2 years,my physical nature is vatt,hopefully you will help me.i want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.I HAVE HYPER ACIDITY AND GAS REFLUX AND COUGH PROBLEMB PLEASE GIVE ME ADVISE FOR ME

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  8. dear Anoop ji!
    thanks a lot for the knowledge about navel dislocation up here, its very difficult to explain this disorder to doctors and others, my little query is what exactly dislocates inside the body when we say navel dislocation?
    thank you for your time and effort.
    best regards

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  9. this is bull shit. If you cure this in 6 months, I challenge you to disclose the identity of the person and his email address. There is no cure thru yoga etc.

    This is a problem of excess water storage in the body. Due to asanas some temporary relief is felt for few days only Your statement that it took 6 months is complete proof of that.

    It should not take more than 48 hours if done properly. I can resolve such things in less than 48 hours.

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    1. dear please tell me ,,,mr bhalla i am waiting for your call,,,just call me once i will come to u for this solution

    2. Mr Bhalla,


  10. thanks for your knowledge and expertise that you can solve it within 48 hours.

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  11. sir,i have been suffering from navel displacement problem for 3 years .i've tried a number of exercises but no solution.i dislike to take lunch and dinner.somtimes i feel that i'm too weak.when navel shifts upward i feel heartburn all the day.i'm so depressed .for digestion i have to take ayurvedic medicine every day.please help me

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  12. Dear Tarun,
    You have do some asana and pranayam. Shalabh asana(one by one leg and with both also). Hip lifting asana (setu bandh asana). and last bhujang asana. at the end of these asana you need to practice anulom-vilom pranayam for 10 to 20 minute daily. you have to practice it for 10 days and thereafter remind me please.....yogi anoop

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  13. swami ji my name vicky.i have been suffering from naval disoder from last 7 years.iam doing all nabhi asna from last 6 months regular,but found no postive result.in last 7 years my naval never took its actual place.its postion is very much distrub,my dad measure with string between my two nipples and found 2 inch misaligment.my life is now up to the end,kinldy help me please.

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    1. hey tell me,,anaa,,if u have got soem relief in navel dislocated problem,,,

  14. If you are in Delhi please consult us. We can handle very easily. It is a problem of spinal and stress related also. It can be solved within 6 month. not need to worried please. Allopathy can never solve this type of problem.

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  15. sir i have tried all the asanas and pranayam that u have told it helps but still i'm facing problems.i have'nt got the permanent solution.when i perform these asanas and pranayam it feels good but after 4 or 5 hours i feel that my navel is not in its original position.still i'm suffering from constipation,blood pressure problem.when i'm a little bit tense i feel that my body become so warm and bp increases.please help

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  16. tarun you did not told me about your blood pressure. plz inform me that is it in low or high side.....
    you start practice first with anulom-vilom for 20-25 minute, thereafter you need to do physical exercise.
    In the evening you practice also these all things before dinner. let do it for one weak and then inform me.

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  17. tarun one more important thing to tell you, it not a only problem of navel dislocation, it is a problem of high stress also. you must reduce it through pranayam, what I have recommended you, like anulom vilom.

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  18. sir,mostly i face the problem of high bp because body become warm.i've also listened that bp problem also may be because of the navel dislocation and navel also shifts when you remain afraid of something(i've read it on a website).actualy i'm doing MBA from gurukul kangri university, haridwar.From my starting of student life i was always afraid or tensed of small things related to the college or study.now it has become my habit.I try to control but sometimes i'm not able to do it.specialy when the time comes for interview.do u hav any friend in haridwar to which i can meet.

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  19. Tarun I understood your genuine problem.now you start with anulom-vilom for 20-25 minute, thereafter you need to do physical exercise.
    In the evening you practice also these all exercises before dinner. let do it for one weak and then inform me.
    It is totally curable, In yoga and meditation it is called " ye bacchon ki problem hai". please inform me after an weak..

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  20. my age is 29 year's i have lost my some teeth. sir weather any yoga or meditation which my teeth become again. please suggest me and inform by mail


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  21. Sonia, I am not sure because, not treated it in the past. but I think it is possible to cure, we can do this.....

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  22. Hello Sir,
    this is gurjeet from delhi..
    i have been going thru alot of mental stress since last 5-6 years and started feeling panic attacks too ...i feel dizzy while driving and specially in the morning...
    i have been constipated too since a long time...i have lost 20 kg in 1.5 years..without any pathological problem..i feel bloated and belch alot...nothing seems to digest properly.....is naval dislocation can be a reason for me..how to chk if i have navel dislocated?...i used to pik alot of heavy objects too...like computers allmost everyday...
    plz help me with all my problems,,,thanks so much

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  23. Hi Gurjeet,
    You are dominated pitta and vata as I think,ur memory is so sharp, hyper acidity. these all things are happens due to navel disorder and mental fluctuations.you need to tell me more things about your mental nature..you can mail me at my ID, yogianoop@chaitanyafoundation.org

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  24. Helllo Sir,
    thanks for the reply on your blog...

    as u have asked me more details abt me..

    i m very sharp and creative. (i m in advertising field and i was doing good in it. i hav been very creative in field)
    i used to be very short tempered.
    very angry kind of person but not now i m trying to learn to keep myself cool.
    i have been very anxious since last 4-5 years due to work stress and personal family stresses.
    i m very emotional and sensitive to emotions
    started panicking coz of dizziness while driving once..i m allmost allways disoriented when i drive (specially in daylight)

    i used to do excercise regularly in gym but never went to gym since 5 years
    i used to thin in my schooldays also and then i became very healthy while in gym and now again i m very skinny since last 2 years...i m loosing weight every month
    i used to be constipated in school time and used to be very tensed cause of my stomach.
    now again i m very constipated since last 3-4 years
    feel very bloated and gassy after 20 minutes of eating food
    only thing which decrease the gas is spinach (i cant understand why)
    i hav been eating alot of desi ghee but still not putting up weight...
    feel so weak and dizzy all the time..

    i m very constipated but i feel very weak if i strain while passing stool
    or if i pass 2-3 times in a day

    my chest feel so blocked with gas sometimes that i cant deep breath...which makes me more anxious..
    if i do any excercise one day then next day i feel like unbalanced and spacey

    plz ask me if u need to know something very specific..and thanks so much for the support you are giving

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  25. pl suggest how to avoid disturb solar plexus (it very oftenly shifts upwards)on e mail id sattva.shruti@gmail.com

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  26. is there any one in universe who has got his displaced navel cured...
    i and tired of searching ways to cure this problem
    there has millions of suggestions but no one..not a single person wrote......
    "it really worked"

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  27. every body has cure sir .....we need to change our life style ....right attitude..............right eating habits...etc

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  28. I feel strong pulse about 3/4 inches right of my belly button .
    I also feel pulse when I place thumb 1-2 inches above belly button.
    can you tell me where the navel is actually displaced?/
    above or right??

    please help

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  29. Helli Yogi Ji,

    I have been having a problem similar to what everyone is posting..for few months I did not know the cause of my upper central abdominal pain until my parents checked my navel with a string... my father has some knowledge in rliefing this pain and bringing navel into its place but I still have little pain with anxious, neck pain,insomina, and memory problems. what should I do too feel healthy again. Also I feel very weak, tired, get fevers and never feel fresh. Can you advise something? plz Thank You.

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  30. first you have check your hyper acidity....as i think you are having acidity more than navel shifting. plz check it and then confirm me. if you are not suffering with this problem then you need to do SHALABH ASANA first for one week two times.

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  31. Dear Sir ,
    This is to inform u that i am suffering from navel
    dislocation since last 7 years .i used to consult with my doctors and
    take many anta acids medicines but not cure and result is same .this
    year of february i know the exact problem that my navel is shifted
    otherwise i used to take lots of anta acids to relief my reflux
    oesophgitis,gastritis ,heart burn ,as said by allopathic doctors .in
    morning time i used to vomit daily and feeling weekness ,heart beat
    also running fast.and now i feeling stiffness in my upper abdomen just
    left side below left lung now paining is also there at that position
    now pains attacking my both legs and my back portion.stiffness can
    make all the time make me live an uncomfortable life .
    two to three months back someone told me that u have a problem of
    navel shifting so u can checked it out to some vaid .i used to went to
    vaid also ,he adjusted my navel many times but again n again it moves
    to upper left side and again problem occurs ,when h supposed to
    adjusted that time i feel relax and this all things are ultimately
    closed but again it shifted so many times i went to vaid .but not give
    m the permanent solution .
    now actually what i want is that please tell me the permanent solution
    for this if u have.and what i have suppose to do .

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  32. yogi ji what is the easiest way and effective for navel dislocation treatment

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  33. There is no any common solution for this navel dislocation problem.....it is depend upon the problem....

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  34. I have hyper acidity. I feel it is because of naval displacement. I burp alot. I can see my stomouch pulsating 1-2 inch above naval. It irritates me alot. Mainly I cant conentrate on anything. It disturbs me. What should I do?

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  35. hi yogi ji,i m suffering from hyperacidity, feels weakness when i wake up in morning, indigestion problem, kindly tell me it can happen if naval is disturbed.

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  36. I am having naval dislocation problem since 2002, when i had food poisoning, In 2008 i had appendicitis surgery and my problem is half the intensity i used to be.I still feel it is naval dislocation. Yogiji, Can you please explain , how it is cured even if it is really old??I have had heard , it becomes difficult if problem is old. Is that true? Please shed some light Anoop. Thanks in advance.

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  37. Dear Ravi,
    I don't thing that you have a such kind of navel displacement problem. Please explain more about your intestinal or bowl movement, upward win (Dakar)or downward wind, lower back pain indigestion, pain in upper abdomen....
    without telling physical and psychological behavior, I cannot diagnose.....If you are in Delhi then you can visit at Navel Management Centre.

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  38. sir, i am suffering from navel dislocation.please tell me easiet yoga to balance it.

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  39. yogiji for last one year i sufering from a typical problem. i started doing exercise in the morning, like jogging and push ups. after few days i started feeling heaviness in my stomach. suddenly i felt one day that my stomach is full of air. this thing continued for about 7 to 8 months i had lot of antaacids and did colonoscopy and endoscopy but nothing came out. when bloating reduced i felt cutting feeling both sides of my abdomen but doctors told may be acidity. now bloating is reduced but i have ppricking sensation in the middle of my both feet with feeling like me nerve is steched and heat coming out of both my palms (no sugar or other problem is there) .always gas is forming some times feel like gas is trapped in stomach what can be the problem? pls suggest

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    1. As I think it is due to displaced navel. Some times when we do excess exercise or practice wrongly then navel become displaced. there is no any medical solution for this problem except yogic method or any traditional therapy. mostly acidity comes through stress or anxiety. as I think you are anxious too much.you need to reduce it by the help of pranayam and meditation. but let practice asana for making your navel in center.

  40. Hello dear yogi. I'm 23 and my problem is that five years ago I picked up a very heavy, and I have something shifted. And then I stoichiometric heaviness in the stomach, not like a normal person can eat, bloating, problems with nerves, weakening the body and all that. I think my whole problem of the displacement navel. I tried to straighten the place with the aid of stomach exercises "Nauli" but what does not is the best exercise. Please tell me how can I fix my problem and that she never returned. And I want to ask you whether you have a yoga center? If there is tell me the address of your yoga center. thanks in advance

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  41. Please don't do "Nauli" exercise.....start with Pawanmukt Asana .....and try to reduce your gastric problem.
    if not solved in a week ...then you can visit at my place. you can take address from my website....www.chaitanyafoundation.org

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  42. Dear yogi ji

    how much you charge to cure navel displacement at your centre.its just that you will advice us to do yoga or is there any old golden way of treating it in a some hrs like balancing it through malish etc.

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  43. i also face in last 3 yr two time one time my nanji(grand father) adjust it but right now his not there. then again few days before only i had faced than my dad suggest me i m saying in hindi thats better. apne dono leg ko jhod lo leg ka jo anghutha h or adi h wo baraber hona chahiye fir seven time uthak bethak karo dhayan rhe leg hilna nahi chahye tab dekho problem solve ho jayegi or dharan perfectli baraber bheth jayegi. my question is can i do gym after some time because i m fine right now but worring dubara to dharan nahi ho jayega na.

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  44. I face very frequent navel displacemnt....if i correct it in morning,it again gets displaced like in the afternoon....it does not stay in place. I experience loose motions,indigestion,loss of appetite,acidity,excessive gas stuck in stomach..i have become very weak....please help me to come out of this..i am 20 and weigh around 24 only..please help.

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  45. I face very frequent navel displacemnt....if i correct it in morning,it again gets displaced like in the afternoon....it does not stay in place. I experience loose motions,indigestion,loss of appetite,acidity,excessive gas stuck in stomach..i have become very weak....please help me to come out of this..i am 20 and weigh around 24 only..please help.

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  46. It will be very easy if you visit at our center . I can diagnose physically and properly
    And there after I can give you a permanent solution.

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  47. Sir,it is not possible for me to visit right now....can you please advice using the details provided....it will be a great help..

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  48. I can fix your Navel back.. And give some Trick to keep your Navel at place.. But according to me there is no permenant solution for it.. This problem can be reduced and couldn't be stopped.. You can contect me on Pakhni143@gmail.com for any query..

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  49. Hi frds I experienced an trick for this pblm that u can apply some oil on ur naval for quick relief
    For permanent u hv to apply a wet oily piece of cotton on ur naval continuesly as much as u can feel the difference thks

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  50. hello,
    I was suffering from naval displacement since 12 yrs...now I am ok...
    plz call only once Hites Jain -7737672000 for permanent solution

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