शुक्रवार, 15 फ़रवरी 2013

What is medicine for navel displacement and why navel dislocation happened?

First of all we have to know why navel dislocation happens?
There are lot of psychological and physical reasons, so you need to diagnose what the exact reason is there?
Anxiety, excess thoughts, stress, depression and gastritis. Gastritis is a major cause of navel dislocation.
Outer reasons are climbing steps in a hurry, long jumps, high jumps, lifting heavy weight alone, standing continuously without rest, etc, are the root causes of navel/solar plexus/Nabhi chakra displacement.

There is no proper medicine in allopath, actually medical science doesn't have any belief on this, so don't expect any help.
In naturopathy there are lot of natural way which can give cure. Ayurveda also provides some herb. But ultimate cure is yoga and meditation, so fallow this.
Before doing yoga and meditation the patient of dislocated navel should be diagnosed properly.
Either nave is upward or downward, right or left. After being checked yoga master gives you exercise (according to that). This is a complete cure for dislocated navel.
Yogi anoop