शनिवार, 11 अप्रैल 2009


How many times we have heard by lot of organizations about raising voice for fundamental rights of the citizens of India. It is absolutely right to know our rights for preventing exploitations but who takes the responsibility to make them aware of their duties?
“People tend to forget their duties but remember their rights”, this is what Ex Prime Minister Indira Gandhi once said about duties and rights.
This is absolutely correct, that we are only aware about what my parents, family, society or government is not given me but we never think about our self that what I have given him, what I genuinely should do for myself or for my society or nation.
This is only because of we are living into our own limited boundary. Actually we are self centred totally.
Even we have no idea about how much we have to eat and what should we eat. We fully Literate and aware completely about our rights but truth is totally different. Except this literacy, we are uneducated. We do not know what to talk, where to talk and how to talk.
Everybody, especially youngsters speak fluently that a politics is a dirty game. Do you know that are you performing your duty?
What should prime minister does, what barrack obama should do, but did you find that what you should do?
Yogi Anoop