मंगलवार, 26 मई 2009


The major cause of obesity is sensual overload. Generally people believe about overeating and hormonal imbalance. But I found in my case study, the major cause of obesity is sensual overload. Taste glands are overactive because of sensual overload.


Do right to right nostril breathing for 20 minute at a stretch.

Do let to left nostril breathing for 10 minute immediate after right to right breathing.

And now do alternate breathing for 20 minutes.


Inhale with effort, while chest expansion.

Exhales without effort with chest relax.

You can do it, even watching TV or sitting on sofa.

It can be done after the gap of two hour meals.


1 ½ kg will weight reduce in a weak.

blood pressure will become normal in only 7 days.

sleep problem to be solved within weak.

problem of headache can be solved within weak.

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