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Loss of Appetite

Esteem Swami Ji
My name is Anil . I am 29 yrs old unmarried man and I live in Gurgaon. I have a problem of lost
of appetite for 7-8 years. to cure this problem I have consulted to many allopathi & ayurvedic
doctors. they advised me to do some medical tests. I have performed many test like whole abdoman
ultrasound, liver function test. but all tests report is ok.No any desease is found they gave me
many type medicines. but no relief to me. my height is 5'6" and my weight is 47 kg. some old
people told me that my navel is disturbed. but i do not feel any pain & loose motion in my body.
the problem is only lost of appetite. unhealthy & weak body ( low weight) i do not know what
hapened to me please help me and also told your center near Gurgaon. Iam an accountant by
profession Waiting for reply

Thanks & Regards



Anil ji,
without yogic diagnosis I cannot make you sure that what the exact problem is....if possible please visit at my place then we can decide properly....as I think at this time,  you are Kapha dominated person one who has anxious nature .....weakness of nervous system....
Yogi Anoop

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