शुक्रवार, 23 नवंबर 2012

Cure of Navel Displacement

Dear sir
Some two years back I got stomach problems like hyperacidity, loose motoions & constipation which ultimately leads to loss of appetite, loss in weight, anxiety, frustration.
Doctor adviced me to go through endoscopy & the reports said "Hiatus Hernia" which means stomach displaced up. I took medicine but all in vain. Then one another doctor suggessted me to go for laproscopic surgery. Doctors tried to repair hiatus hernia but again in vain.
After that I came to know that its a problem of "Navel displacement". I tried to repair it from old expert peoples but no effect. I lost all my hopes.
I searced a lot in web about navel displacement & lastly I learned that this problem has only solution & that is "yoga". As this a Mechanical problem this can be cured only with exercise. I got the contact no. Of chaitanya foundation & get contacted with Acharya Anoop & he heard my problem & checked. My navel was towards upper left side.
Acharya ji just gave me just 10 simple yogic asnas & believe me from the very first day I start getting the results & only after one month navel comes bck to its position.
For navel displacement I think there's no other way to get is corrected except yoga.  I tried everything but problem never ends. But the only thing is that just have patience & believe in your yog guru.
Amit Tandon

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