शुक्रवार, 3 अगस्त 2012


dear yogi ji,

namaste! my name is sandeep sangwan from haryana, age 28 yrs. i am working in navy in goa. my daily routine is very busy. i am suffering from nabhi displacement (also called dharan or petuji or amebiosis) for last 03 years. first time, in 2007-08, i suffered from mild pain in my nabhi area and continous loose motion. that time i got treated through my village nabhi experts. from then onwards, whenever, i lift some heavy weight on my hands, same time i started with pain in my nabhi area and loose motion. it means i am able to get my nabhi in centre, but it is not stable there. it always shifts towards upper side. on the upper side about 01 cm above from center, it has made a permanent place. as i am facing this problem since long period, i tried the asans (utthanpadasan, naukasan etc.) and some desi treatments.

as i come to know that you have a sound knowledge and good experience about nabhi. sir, please help me in two ways by sending a return e-mail at the earliest.

first, tell me the best treatments to get my nabhi in centre.

second, it should not go upward when i am lifting any heavy weight again.

sir, i will be very thankful for this kind of help.

thanks and regards.

sandeep sangwan

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