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Poor circulation means limited blood flow to the body or organs of the body. This problem arise when Limited blood flow to the legs, hands, heart, spleen and rest of the body. Actually a blood vessel doesn’t work properly during slow blood flow to the body.
Yoga is a great way to enhance this circulatory system, improving the flow of blood and nutrients to your organs, your limbs, spleen, legs, hands, heart and your mind.

Shortness of breath, Low energy, Irregular heartbeats, Sluggish memory, Neuropathy, tingling, burning and numbness in the feet or hands, Lack of stamina

Headache and hair loss, Memory loss, Spondylitis, Diabetes, Arthritis, High LDL cholesterol, High blood pressure, Angina (chest pain), Heart Disease.

This is one of the best distressing exercises, which is panacea for heart and high blood pressure. It gives strenuous stress on the calf muscles, which is called second heart also.

Stand erect with joining legs. Both interlocked fingers above head. Now gradually raise heels, stand on toes, and stretch up and down from heels but heels should not touch on the ground.
Do it 20 times. 20 is one set .You have to do it 4 set to 5 set.
There should be high strain on calf muscles and navel area. Even this stress can be feel in hands and shoulders no tension should be visible on face and head.
Do this asana with proper technique then only you will get benefit.
It is best cure for high blood pressure, stress and heart.
Blood flow increases in spinal region.
This asana helps in activating navel part.
Through strong navel part, our digestive system gets strengthened.
Intestine spread up removing constipation.
Gastric related problems are removed.

CHAIR POSE (kursi asana)
Join both legs and stand erect. Keep distance between both legs and place both toes facing each other. Now sit as you sit on chair but without putting pressure on knees only upper thighs, hip joint, hamstring nerves should feel the pressure. In this condition keeping back strait, you have to join hands as if you are greeting. Now go up and down 20 times and maintain this 4 set. If breathing gets faster let it be and don't do deep breathing.
It's good for abdomen and muscles of thighs and even for nerves.
Strengthen our ankle. While doing this exercise, our heart rate increases but after relaxation it comes to normal. Breathing becomes deeper and regular.

Trikon Asana (trangle pose)

After chair posture we should do triyak tadasana that is good for stomach because it stretches the large intestine which throws out the bowel.
In the starting asana should be such which help in cleansing the bowels out of our body otherwise as we perform asana toxin are secreted in our body. Blood becomes impure.
Interlocking fingers of both hands and stretch up do Triyak trikon asana without raising heels from ground. First breathe in then breathe out bend right side. Hold it for 2 to 4 seconds then come back. Same way it should be done on other side.
Repetitions: repeat 10 to 15 times
Circulation on spinal region
This is one of the best asana and prevents many diseases, that’s why this is called panacea for all diseases.
Ayurvedic Constitution: This is very effective asana for all type of constitution (vata, pitta, kapha).
Mental Constitution: Sattvic-Rajsic-Tamsic can do this asana. It increases alpha rays, which is responsible for mental stability and peace of mind.
Physiological View: It helps to increase parasymphethetic nerves and motor nerves system

Lie down on the stomach with legs together, if having excess obesity, then make little gap between both legs. The chin should touch the ground, so should each palm be in line with each shoulder the hands pressing down. As you inhale, slowly raise your upper portion of the body just like a snake .hold this position for 5 to 10 second, but not holding the breath, then slowly return to your original position with exhalation.
Do not hold the breath during hold position. Keep the elbow straight. Roll the shoulder back, take the head back slightly and look up. Stay in this pose for 5 to 10 second after you have practiced for several days and are able to do this comfortably.
You should be able to feel some stress on your spine, upper stomach and diaphragm.
If anybody has had surgery in the lumber region, he/she should do this exercise with the legs apart. They will get positive effect.

Benefit: It helps to spread blood circulation to whole spine and brain.

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  1. thank u for this article. i have poor circulation and i practice yoga sun salutation. i will also adopt these asanas to my daily yoga routine. thank you

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