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Urine Leakage: A Common Health Problem for older Women

Millions of older women experience urinary incontinence (UI) or sudden urine leakage more often than younger women. Some women may lose a few drops of urine while sneezing or coughing. Others may feel a strong, sudden urge to urinate just before losing a large amount of urine. Many women experience both symptoms. It occurs because of problems with muscles and nerves that help to hold or release urine. The body stores urine—water and wastes removed by the kidneys—in the bladder, a balloon-like organ. The bladder connects to the urethra, the tube through which urine leaves the body.
Pranayam, meditation and many alternative therapies can help you find a solution. In Yoga and meditation no single treatment works for everyone, but many older women can find improvement without surgery.

Bandh literally means bandhna, “to hold”. If your energy flows outside purposelessly then you can never be free from disease. This pranayam gives you a technique how to hold outflowing energy (prana) inside.
MOOL BANDHA (perineum):
Mool bandh is the contraction of certain muscles in the pelvic floor. In the female it contracts uterus and rectum or intestinal area. And in men it contracts anus and testes. Mool bandh is effective exercise for improving the dullness of organs (bladder and intestinal). It is taken from horse.
TECHNIQUE: Sit straight in any comfortable meditative pose or on the chair, keep the palm of the hands on the knees, eyes closed, now contract muscles of the pelvic region and hold the contraction, do not hold the breath. Repeat the exercises 10 times with maximum contraction and total relaxation.
It can also be done by holding breath inside or outside but it should be only done under the supervision of an expert guru.
CHECKPOINT: Should not be done in case of bleeding in the rectum.
FOCUS: Relieves constipation, piles, depression. Coordination between brain and abdominal area Improves. It also controls sexual disorders and help to relieve sexual frustration, suppression of sexual energy and feeling of sexual guilt.

UDDIYAN BANDHA (abdominal retraction lock):
TECHNIQUE: If you have any spinal injuries, sit on the chair comfortably, place the palm of the hands on the knees with the spine straight, Inhale deeply. Now exhale slowly and completely through the mouth with a whooshing sound. Hold the breath outside, raise the shoulder up, now contract the abdominal muscles inward and outward .Do it as long as you can without strain, then relax abdominal muscles . Relax shoulders, and finally inhale slowly.
REPETITION: practice for 4 to 5 rounds.
CHECKPOINT: It must be always be done on a completely empty stomach. Should not be done in case of colitis, stomach and intestinal ulcer, heart disease and glaucoma.
Remembering point: “uddiyan is easy when practiced as taught by a guru. Even an old person can become young. When it is done regularly, there no doubt that, after six month of practice, death is conquered.”

Kapalbhanti is very similar to sneezing. In other words sneezing is called kapalbhanti. The benefits of sneezing and kapalbhanti are the same .Observing that man has no regular time for sneezing that is why the yogis have chosen the practice of kapalbhanti for purification of the body and mind. By the regular practice of this pranayam we can get protection from many undesired diseases .A person having no diseases should also practice this pranayam to acquire additional strength.

TECHNIQUE: sit straight in the vajrasana or on the chair. Now start practicing kapalbhanti by sneezing. The breath is taken out with the nose with sound (like sneezing) and a jerk. The stomach should be drawn in when exhaling with jerkin, take care to keep mouth close now. Let the breath come inside into the stomach steadily and effortlessly.
Complete 12 cycle’s .After that it is compulsory to take rest. Then you may do another cycle.
First-timers should practice kapalbhanti only up to 24 cycles. After 15 days, it can be increased upto 48 cycles. In case of desiring to increase kapalbhanti further, we should consult any yogic guru. In case we fail to understand the technique of performing kapalbhanti pranayam, it is advised to practice sneezing.

If: avoid doing this exercise if you have high blood pressure or any severe brain related problems.

Focus: Abdominal muscles, blood circulation, weight loss, better connectivity with body and brain and detoxifying whole body.

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