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In yoga and meditation, importance of calf muscles is like a second heart. So many close relations between calf and heart, I found in my case study. A high profile politician was suffering with the hypertension, after diagnosis there were so much stiffness in calf muscles. Even one who suffers from a lot of stress, they also had calf muscles stiffness and pain. When started calf muscles exercise, they got so much of relief.
Medi Yoga can give great relief to all of them who are suffering with these problems, through calf muscles exercises.

This is one of the best de-stressing exercises, which is panacea for heart and high blood pressure. It gives stress on the calf muscles, which is called second heart also.

Stand erect with joining legs. Both interlocked fingers should be above head. Now gradually raise heels, stand on toes, and stretch up and down from heels but heels should not touch on the ground. Do it 20 times. 20 is one set .you have to do 4 to 5 sets. There should be high strain on calf muscles and little on navel area. Even this stress can be felt in hands and shoulders if having cervicogenic pain history. No tension should be visible on face and head. Do this asana with proper technique, and then only you will get benefit.
While breathing in, the heels go up and breathing out, the heels come down, but should not touch the ground. The whole strain should be on the calf muscles. There should be no pain or tension visible on the face, eyes ears etc, keep it calm.
• It is the best cure for high blood pressure, stress and heart.
• Blood flow increases in spinal region.
• This asana helps in activating navel part.
• Through strong navel part, our digestive system gets strengthened.
• Intestine spread up removing constipation.
• Gastric problems are removed.

After a month you can practice it from one by one leg.
Stand straight on the right leg; take with the support of wall. And thereafter do from another left leg.

Lie on the back. Relax the body and close eyes comfortably. Now start with right calf muscles, let tight muscles and relax again. Do this so many times with calm face. And thereafter start from other left leg.
If you practice 5 minute from each leg then definitely within 15 minute high blood pressure become down. Heart beat, head ache will be normal.

It brings the brain and heart into a restful state. In this exercise a lot of strain and pressure comes on the calf muscles. this is also called half pashchimottan asana.
Sit in siddha asana. Now stretch out one leg and hold the feet from both hands, pull the feet inside but do not bend spine forward much more. The whole strain should come on the calf muscles and behind the knee then hold it for while and thereafter relax it. Do the same from other leg.
Breathing awareness – while bending breath out and inhale in normal position.
Precautions- avoid doing if having slip disc or any major spinal injuries.

Stand erect in Tad Asana, keep 2 fit gap between both leg. Turn right legs feet 90 degree, both hands should spread out parallel to the shoulders. And now bend right side, try to touch feet if possible. But do not bend spine too much. During this bending the whole pressure should comes on the calf muscles. And now start with left leg.

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