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BANDH: to hold energy

Bandh literally means bandhna, “to hold”. If your energy flows outside purposelessly then you can never be free from disease. This pranayam gives you a technique how to hold outflowing energy (prana) inside.
MOOL BANDHA (perineum):
Mool bandh is the contraction of certain muscles in the pelvic floor. In the female it contracts uterus and rectum or intestinal area. And in men it contracts anus and testes. Mool bandh is effective exercise for improving the dullness of organs (bladder and intestinal). It is taken from horse.
TECHNIQUE: Sit straight in any comfortable meditative pose or on the chair, keep the palm of the hands on the knees, eyes closed, now contract muscles of the pelvic region and hold the contraction, do not hold the breath. Repeat the exercises 10 times with maximum contraction and total relaxation.
It can also be done by holding breath inside or outside but it should be only done under the supervision of an expert guru.
CHECKPOINT: Should not be done in case of bleeding in the rectum.
FOCUS: Relieves constipation, piles, depression. Coordination between brain and abdominal area Improves. It also controls sexual disorders and help to relieve sexual frustration, suppression of sexual energy and feeling of sexual guilt.

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