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YOGA & STRESS; temporary impotency in men

Temporary impotence is a common occurrence, especially in males. It is very common about one in ten men. In fact, most men get experience temporary impotence at some point in their lives. The most common cause of it, stress, anxiety, depression, tiredness and alcohol is. Most people associate it with a serious disease and are distraught at the thought. But temporary impotence can be cured much faster than long term impotence by the help of yogic and meditative technique. Once that root problem is addressed, the temporary impotence disappears as soon as it arrived.
Yogic technique
Due to stress brain releases some chemical which reduces blood flow around genital or penis area. In this situation yogic technique plays a great role for increasing blood flow around genital area and also improves better coordination between brain and penis (lower portion of the body). The temporary impotency is to be solved in the past through these techniques. Like mool bandh, agnisar, kapalbhanti and maha mudra. Mool bandh is a technique which gives better circulation around lower part of the body, especially penis and rectum area and also associated part of the brain. The practice of agnisar kriya and kapalbhanti increases the level of fire in the body and maha mudra balances coordination between mind and body.
Need to be changed patients bad life style. Try to eliminate excess intake of alcohol and smoking. Always should be in touch with good people. Try to avoid pain killers, cold remedies, tranquillizers, sleeping aids, and etc.
Engage in stress-reducing activities, such as exercise, pranayam, meditation or even your traditional techniques.
Your body needs detoxification and applies all those things which could clean the body and mind. And yoga is a best way for this.

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