गुरुवार, 26 मार्च 2009

Yoga; Anti constipation pills

A lot of constipation removing pills you may get in the market. Modern medicine has devised several ways to "easily" cleanse the colon. However, in many cases, these constipation remedies have lot of side effects and are habit forming and are not very effective in long term. In fact, funny as it may seem, they in fact add to the toxin level by inducing chemical reactions. Although some of herbal medicine also most addictive, it should be avoided in long term too.
Unfortunately, modern competitive thinking, stress, anxiety and diet place an extraordinary load on the colon which is also a major cause of constipation. It is not a disease; it is due to only by bad life style.
Infact in hath yoga & medi yoga has techniques which help in removing constipation at all levels including mental and spiritual. Techniques such as nauli and sankh prakchalan kriya help in removing constipation and activating small, large intestine and make better coordination between colon and brain. Without good association between brain and colon, constipation cannot be removed. The part of the brain which is closely associated with colon and small intestine have must be in active position. The only yoga can helps to coordinate this, not medicine.

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