गुरुवार, 23 अप्रैल 2009

MIND+BRAIN (SOFTWARE+HARDWARE); a divine computer.

A system (computer) requires two important things, software and hardware. If you want your system work properly then hardware and software must be work together. This is also applicable to our own body. Brain is like hardware and mind is like software. If you want to become healthy hardware & software both, then it will have to work together. If mind doesn’t work properly then brain cannot do anything, if brain is inefficient then mind or thought cannot apply on your body. Asana or any type of physical exercise improves brain and body’s stamina, but it cannot improve the quality of thoughts. For improving quality of thoughts, must fallow the technique of meditation. It starts from breathing exercises and graduate to meditation. These exercises are very simple and simply mean the right method of breathing.
For an example: an angry or upset person breathes very rapidly. If he is able to remember at that point to slow down his breathing, he will soon see that his anger has lessened.

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