रविवार, 19 अप्रैल 2009

History repeats itself; is it true?

You can never hold the repetition of history because history repeats itself. Karl Marx also quotes to this, “history repeat itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”
It is correct with every section; I am going to discuss here on our own self. Our faults in the past repeat itself in the present so many times. You make mistakes and repeat it again. If you see minutely about your words of mouth, lot of repetition comes in the present unknowingly. Even you repeat the same words or sentence so many times in a day.
Why? Is it right or wrong? Sometimes it right and sometimes it’s wrong. When you do not learn from your history then it is wrong and when you learn from your history then it is right. Everybody does mistakes but one who learns from the past and try to not repeat next time then it is right. It doesn’t mean that he will not make mistakes in the present and future. But it will not be same mistakes. He will do, because when you face the present, you can make the mistakes, but it is your responsibility, how have to not repeat it in the future.

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