गुरुवार, 12 फ़रवरी 2009


Education teaches you how to increase thought, how to learn, how to memorize but how to stop unnecessary thoughts. Even during sleep it works continues. The mind doesn’t know how to sleep or relax. How to control our emotions or how to channelize it? Generally people have wrong perceptions that it is impossible to control their thoughts or emotions. But it is myth totally.
It is definite possible to turn the thoughts off when it is not required through meditation technique. If you have reached at the state of thoughtlessness then your thought will have more powerful. Otherwise thoughts will have no power.
•First thing you have to know that, you are standing behind your thought, not thought is behind you. Just like, you see this colourful world through your eyes (window). It means you and your eyes are deferent. You and your thoughts are deferent.
•You can observe your thoughts but thoughts can never observe you. Because thoughts are objects only, but you are observer (live).
•The whole backup of thoughts are you, independently, thoughts doesn’t have power. Only you are a genuine source of power one.
•Thought is like a tube, and you are like a current. The current cannot be shown but current shows its power through tube. The same thing applies on thought (tube) and shelf (energy). Self cannot be shown but through thought it shows the presence.
•You are creative not your thoughts.
Sit straight in any meditative pose with close eyes; you may take back support if needed. Take 10 to 20 deep and slow breaths. Now observe your normal breath, inhale and exhale normally, feel it very consciously. Not need to give any attention on incoming and outgoing thoughts. There is no any good and bad thought. If you understand it then you will not react by thoughts.

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