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Agnisara kriya: activating digestive fire

The word agni means fire, sara means essence and kriya means action. It promotes and balances the digestive fire.
Nature: this is agnisara is excellent for kapha dominated people
Technique: sit in any comfortable pose like padma or siddha asana with straight spine. Hands are placed on the knees. Inhale deeply and now exhale completely, retain the breath outside, with jalandhara bandh let start abdomen in and out smoothly without taking breath in. Do the contraction and expansion of stomach rapidly for as long as it is possible to retain breathe outside comfortably. If not possible to retain breath outside then release jalandhara bandh, head straight and then breathe in.
This is one round. Relax until the breathing normal before doing practicing next round.
Do 10 to 20 rounds. In the beginning abdominal contraction and retaining breath is difficult but gradually it is to be increased slowly.
Perfect time: Kriya should be practiced on an empty stomach and after the bowels emptied. Better to perform in the early morning.
Precautions: avoid if suffering high blood pressure, acute heart disease, peptic ulcers, over active thyroid and in the summer. Pregnant women should not do this practice. If anybody wants to do, they must consult with master. Also avoid who suffer from hyper acidity.
Benefits: good for hypoacidity, flatulence, constipation, liver and kidney. It stimulates samana vayu also good for psychosomatic disease.

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