बुधवार, 31 जुलाई 2013

Spiritual Diet

Diet sequence of a spiritual masters
1-Thoughtlessness form
2- thought form 
3- Air form 
4- liquid form 
5- solid form 
Diet sequence of normal people 
1-Solid form 
2-liquid form
3-air form 
4- thought 

Yoga Guru Yogi Anoop
Yoga Meditation Center at Vasant Vihar New Delhi

1 टिप्पणी:

  1. Positivity.
    It induces to maintain a more positive attitude towards life, accepting and facing your day-to-day challenges, even the most difficult ones, as part of your continuous

    process of personal growth, decreasing the propensity for negativity.

    जवाब देंहटाएं