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Pranayam is a Panacea for all diseases

Dear Anoop,
My Name is Vinod (name changed) Working in a travel company in Gurgaon.
i am on MDR TB treatment since december .... i was taking enjectable drugs and 5 diffrent tablets to kill MDR tb bacteria. in december my sputum report was +++ but now its negative and that time my TLC in blood was 16000 but now its 10500 and ESR was 70 but now its 25 and i am not taking einjections only tablets but it is about 5000 MG in a day and it is so dificult to take those medicins......... as per doctor i have to take same medicins for next 12 month more but today i feel like i am fit. No fiver no cough no cold no fatigue nothing only mentally not fit because of the medicines so please advise
now i have stopped everything
i am not taking any medicine, because of those medicines i was in dipration
i was seeing some unknown faces when i was alone
so i am not taking those medicines from 10-12 days and i am happy
but i know i might face this problem in future because i have stopped this course..................can you please advice me some yoga tips.
I dont want to quite i want to live for my parents for my fiance for my Family.
For my treatment i am in touch with Dr Tara Rawat in Mex Hospital Gurgaon. But for happy life i want Yog
Can you please help me

Dear Vinod
Do some pranayam ...like bhastrika and nadhishodhan pranayam....
You can do bhastrika for 2 to 3 minute in slow speed. After some time it can be increased.
Nadhishodhan can be done for 10 to 15 minutes.
Theses both pranayam must do in the early morning and before sleep. Do these both breathing exercise before sleep.
Let give me feedback in a week.....after that we will change pranayam.
Yogi anoop

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