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Belly shifted (navel shifted)

Hello Guruji,

I went to Gym for an year some 2 years ago. I am having stopmach problems for an year. I went to some yogic teacher he showed that belly button is in incorrect position relative to my nipples. So he corrected the position. If we measure belly button from nipples it was in right position. Now I notice that my upper chest is slightly shifted in left(might be this occured due to gym). So it was in incorrect position relative to my mouth or foots but correct relative to my nipples. Yesterday I was playing some game and after that realised belly button again shifted and came at right position relative to legs, but became incorrect position relative to nipples.

Please Guruji tell me what should I do now. What will be correct position of belly button in such conditions. Will I be ever have no stomach problem in such situation. Due to stomach problems I having frustrated and disappointed life. Please guruji help me out.

Thanks a lot

As I think you belly is shifted upward, so you need to push it down through yogic techniques.
First, lie down on the back, stretch both legs downward so many times. And then do shalabh asana .

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