शुक्रवार, 29 अक्तूबर 2010

Don't do Yoga because Bible doesn't say

I am not going to identify the individual name but some of Cristian believes that Yoga is purely a Hindu practice. And some of Cristian followers also believe that Hindu's Master are cheating to mass.We Christians are not expected to believe or practice anything which is not mentioned or recommended in the Bible. Don't do Yoga because Bible doesn't say it is needed for the Christians.
As my opinion, I have no any single word to say that they are but I can say only that they have no any idea about yoga and meditation philosophy. In yoga, great seers had written'' how to live a perfect way of life''. Americans are very clever, they know perfectly what is good and bad for them, they are well literate and well educated, so not need to oppose it. They know that yoga nothing to do with Hindu religion. It suggest only a technique for self development. If you do yoga it doesn't mean that you will start hating to your own religion or god. Even yoga can help you to focus on your god.
Yogi Anoop
(Popular Indian Yoga Master)

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