मंगलवार, 28 सितंबर 2010

SHALABH ASANA: Dislocated Navel

This asana is very suitable pose for balancing dislocated navel. I got very good result through this exercise for last 15 year. Even acute dislocation of navel can be handled by this asana. This asana also activate bowel movement. So you can practice.

Lie down on your stomach; rest your chin on your down turned hands. Your spine should be straight. Forehead should be relaxed. In this position, take a deep breath and while inhaling, raise your right leg straight as easily as you can .Hold it in this position while holding the breath .Now bring the leg down, slowly exhaling at the same speed.

Repeat the same with the left leg. And after that do this with both legs. Repeat 10 times with each leg and 5 times with both legs.


To strengthen lumbar region.

Coordination of disc and vertebrae.

To bring the navel in alignment.


While lifting the leg there should be a strain in the navel region .At this point keep inhaling slowly in tandem with the speed of the leg that is being lifted.

At that moment breath should feel normal .If you have an acute back problem then don’t do this exercise with both legs for some time.

Do not turn your neck side ways during exercise.

Repetition: repeat 10 times.

By: Yoga Guru Anoop (Yoga Acharya)

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