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Can Yoga Align Dislocated Navel ?

Can Yoga Align Navel Displacement ?
I had post my blog "navel alignment" last year. Mr Rajinder Singh commented that yoga can never solve this navel displacement problem. He quote
"this is bull shit. If you cure this in 6 months, I challenge you to disclose the identity of the person and his email address. There is no cure thru yoga etc. This is a problem of excess water storage in the body. Due to asanas some temporary relief is felt for few days only Your statement that it took 6 months is complete proof of that. It should not take more than 48 hours if done properly. I can resolve such things in less than 48 hours."
may be he is right in his own way. But the whole asana therapy is based on navel alignment.
if you practice yoga unscientifically then can suffer some spinal disease and navel displacement.
Navel become disturbed mainly due to excess vata and pitta. those one who are suffering from these problem of nevel................they need to manage their eating habits, quality and quantity of food. After that you need to start some navel alignment asanas and pranayam.

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