सोमवार, 17 मई 2010

Swami Ramdev & Politics

Ramdev is a successful yogi, but politics will puncture him,” said Sri Nityanand Puri.

“God has given him some gifts, but his ego will finish him. The hurly-burly of politics is no place for holy men, the New York Times quoted Puri, as saying further.

“He thinks that he can fix all the wrongs. He will be consumed by the dirt of politics,” he added.

some of other spiritual master who said, "it is good for Indian politics". Swami Ramdev will clean the dirt of Indian Politics.

As I think now it is time to de-grading own self for Ramdev ji. every one can go into politics for good intention and national interest but. But actually swami Ramdev ji has no any philosophical concept behind this politics. he says "fansi de do sabhi ko jo galti karta ho". It means you have no any proper democratic view. first you need to read indian constitution thoroughly.
the second thing is, if you have no any proper idea about Indian politics then how can you act. if you try to act or do some thing into Indian politics then it means you have some other intention behind political propaganda. It means you have been diverted yourself from your expertize.

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