शुक्रवार, 1 जनवरी 2010

Yoga can eradicate corruption, says Baba Ramdev

The Yoga Guru Ramdev said that the country's basic problem is corruption and if that gets eradicated then there will be no more problems in the country.
The country's problem is corruption, when this corruption is eradicated then Naxalism will be uprooted. When corruption is eradicated then poverty gets uprooted, illiteracy gets uprooted. When all of this goes away then there will be no problem in the country," said Baba Ramdev.

all these corrupction and diseases could only be solved through yoga and pranayama. Is this correct?
If it is right then yogis and swamis dont become fraud and charectorless. Asana and pranayam can not change your attitude. without changing your attitude how could be possible to control basic problem 'corruotion'of the country. let see: where corruption comes from. desire or ignorance. if you have more and more unnecceray desire how can you control on corruption. you need to go your inside first and check it what you need ...............if baba Ramdev says; only yoga asana can help it to remove all social problems then he is in ignorance....

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