शनिवार, 30 जनवरी 2010

Today's Irritation Is Tomorrow's Anger

You become a little irritated when you are not going to get where you want to be on time, or you are not going to complete your task, as you would want. If the seed of irritation is watered it grows into frustration. Unless you take some positive inner action to stop the growth of the frustration, it will grow into anger. And if you are not careful it will become a habit, a part of your personality, which you will finally come to believe is a natural part of your nature. You will even convince yourself you were born with it. That it is ‘in the genes’. Every time you become angry you cause the production of certain chemicals in your body and you will become addicted to those chemicals – then you look for people and situations which will give you an excuse to generate the ‘anger emotion’ so that you can have your daily dose of chemicals. Not only do we become attached to things and people and ideas etc, we become attached to our emotions. Anger will finally kill the body (not you, but your body). Don’t kill your body. Accept that the anger is never ever productive, know that it is just not necessary to be angry with anyone or about anything, know that it is entirely your own creation and know that you can choose a different response. Know and accept that, and you will be free!

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