शुक्रवार, 24 जुलाई 2009


Any man who speaks too much, uses excessively to throat or mouth, it means he talks unnecessary; maybe he would be preacher or politician. Because they need to talk on useless and unreasonable issues; like old stories etc.

God cannot be imagined, if you try to imagine it; it means you are making false image. It is your own picture or imagination which is created by you only. It is not a real picture of god. As I experienced, the real existence of god is this nature, prakriti and purush. You can never make a picture of your own self. Is it? No, never. Your own self is an indescribable subject. You only can describe it as “I” am. And also you cannot imagine this prakrati or nature. If I say let start to imagine the whole nature; impossible to imagine it.

A little object can be seen but only the surface. Property cannot be seen; you just know it by the real experience. Like; a piece of jogger can be seen but you can never see its sweetness. It will have to be real experience. You will have to put it on your tongue. Then can be get experience. the real existence of jogger is a sweetness. That’s why you cannot speak too much about this sweetness.

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