बुधवार, 10 जून 2009


When I try to think about myself, when I try to imagine myself, when I try to see myself, every time I got nothing. This nothingness had never satisfied me. Perhaps, I was trying to find more way to achieve myself, to know myself (everything). I was deeply frustrated, because seeming looser. But one day when I met to a spiritual master Abhilash Das, who was a great guru and genuine follower of Kabeer, addressed to me about myself. “Whatever you feel in this whole outer world, even your body, senses, and mind, are separate from you”. The existence of self is totally separate from ours. Try to make difference between I and ours, you and yours.
Now I started practice to know this separateness. Finally I got the ultimate way “how to sit behind our self palace”. This was the only way for achieving me. Earlier I was doing everything, but got nothing, now doing nothing and got everything. Everything doesn’t mean the outer worlds, but the level of inner satisfaction which I had achieved.
Chaitanya Meditation; let sit straight in any meditative pose with close eyes. Place should be dark where-ever you sit. Don’t try! Let see your closed eyes, as a great observer of this sense. As you start to observe around eyes, eye brow, inner part of eye, you will start feeling relax. Because you are making separate to yourself from one of the great sense, eyes. Like this let practice with other four senses.

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