मंगलवार, 3 फ़रवरी 2009

24x7 Thought congestion

Psychologists have estimated that on an average we have as many as 60,000 thoughts per day। More importantly, 95-98% of those 60,000 thoughts are repeated daily. Each of those thoughts, at the physical brain level is releasing a shower of chemicals. Neuroscientists estimate that the human brain contains 100 billion neurons. Each neuron has about 1,000 connections. Each connection fires, on an average, 200 times per second resulting in 20,000 trillion calculations per second! And all this consumes loads of life energy.

Five tips for manageing thughts
1. Find a quiet place free from distraction
2. Sit with your limbs uncrossed and with a straight back, hands in your lap.
3. Simply breathe at regular speed.
4. Close your eyes and think of a beautiful scene from the natural world.
5. Take a simple phrase and repeat it continuously in time with your breathing.

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