Friday, July 24, 2009

Dislocated Navel; Katrina & Priyanka chopra

The navel is most important part of our body. If it is located in its station then the whole body gets unimaginable energy. If dislocated then energy level will come down, diabetes, bowel moment will be upset even you try to take medication to solve these problems, you will not get ultimate solution. I just give you example for some actresses; like
Priyanka Chopra; her navel is little disturbed. Because of this dislocation she may increase weight very fast. She does not have exercise body. Air floated around her navel too much; she must be care about this otherwise she can face mental and menstrual fluctuation also. She should care about her posture; like sit straight, avoid drinking water immediately after meals, and need some back and navel strengthening exercises. She does not have for too much exercise because she is vata dominated. Only few basic exercises are needed for complete mental and physical health.
Katrina Kaif; by nature, she is a kaph dominated. Her navel is influenced with kapha. If you see her navel, you can diagnose her very goodly. She is also having too much attachment and very emotional, she cannot betray anyone. Emotional human faces too much problem of stomach because of dislocation of navel. If she tries to stretch her calf muscles then she will have no problem of navel.


Any man who speaks too much, uses excessively to throat or mouth, it means he talks unnecessary; maybe he would be preacher or politician. Because they need to talk on useless and unreasonable issues; like old stories etc.

God cannot be imagined, if you try to imagine it; it means you are making false image. It is your own picture or imagination which is created by you only. It is not a real picture of god. As I experienced, the real existence of god is this nature, prakriti and purush. You can never make a picture of your own self. Is it? No, never. Your own self is an indescribable subject. You only can describe it as “I” am. And also you cannot imagine this prakrati or nature. If I say let start to imagine the whole nature; impossible to imagine it.

A little object can be seen but only the surface. Property cannot be seen; you just know it by the real experience. Like; a piece of jogger can be seen but you can never see its sweetness. It will have to be real experience. You will have to put it on your tongue. Then can be get experience. the real existence of jogger is a sweetness. That’s why you cannot speak too much about this sweetness.