Friday, June 1, 2012

Problem & Solution of Navel Displacement

dear yogi anoop ji,

I  am junaid from yamunanagar(haryana).i have been suffring nabhi
displament for 3 yrs.A few days ago due to
heavy weight lifting reset
my lower abdomen has
been swollen and I still
feel mild fever.I go 3-4 times a day for
stool pass and i feel lot of weakness.
my nature-
i am 18 yrs and my weight only 51 kg i am not an angery man but after
this problem i get nervous too quickly and now my memory is also very
I hope you will help me.THANK YOU
best regards
junaid hasan

Dear Yogi ji,

I have a problem that does not seem to be getting right. Call it irony, but it was actually a doctor, who first detected that my Navel had displaced.

When I cam to know of it, I contacted numerous practitioners, who could cure this problem. Finally, I managed to find a lady, who managed to bring the navel back in it's place.

The navel is back, but the pain remains. It's in and around the navel and there some sort of pull as well and my stomach is always full. As far as gastric related problems is concerned I have been taken medicines for that. But still the problem is persisting.

Some practitioners even say that "mere null bhare hue hain". I guess it maybe right, but if that is the case. What is the remedy?

Thank you

Kind regards
Anam Arsalanhai